Opening of a new warehouse

Friends! We would like to share with you another joyful event in the life of our Company. Our warehouse in the city of Kryvyi Rih has moved to a new address, now we are located on the street S. Tilgi 34v. Such changes have a positive effect on the work of our team and inspire the use of new opportunities.

New line of packaged products "Cookie Monster"

"Cookie Monster" is not just a new product line aimed at a larger number of consumers, including children, it is a new member of our team. "Cookie Monster" is an expert in provocative ideas. Which inspired our team to new achievements, gave a new breath. The advantages are a new packaging design, a quality product, reduced packaging weight, an affordable price on the shelf, a long shelf life and more. Expect something new soon, something bold, unconventional, informal. .. Something tasty. The first novelties are already on sale.

"VYROBNYK PLYUS" changes the logo of TM "SOYUZ KONDITER"

The new logo preserves the outlines of the previous versions of the logos. By making changes (and the logo is just the beginning), the company aims to strengthen its brand, making it more relevant and in line with global standards, increase the loyalty of existing consumers and attract a new audience. Gradually, the new logo will be introduced on transport containers and packaging, changes will be made in corporate documentation, advertising materials, etc. We hope that you will like these changes!

We are constantly developing

Recently, the company purchased new, modern equipment - a horizontal packaging machine. The specified equipment automated the process of packaged products, thereby increasing the volume of our production, while the unsurpassed quality remained unchanged.