Marketplace “KRYVYI RIH” sells the products as under its own brand SOYUZ KONDITER.

The sales system is managed by its own team which consists with 1 head of sales department, 1 supervisor and 8 sales representatives, of which 3 sales representatives work in the city using the pre-selling system, covering about 400 outlets and 5 sales representatives working outside the city according to the Van selling system, covering more than 700 retail outlets in cities such as Zhovti Vody, Piatykhatky, Nikopol, Novovorontsovka, Vilnohirsk, Sofiivka, Ingulets, Dolynska, Kazanka.

The resources of our company allow for the uninterrupted and timely delivery of products using our own transport in the city and beyond.

All finished products are stored in a warehouse with a total area of 280 m3, the condition of which corresponds to sanitary and hygienic requirements, in compliance with the temperature regime.